“My hometown has one of the lowest graduation rates, highest crime rates, and highest rates of poverty ; but it is my home. I refuse to wait around for someone else to take action.”

Desiree Martinez, Our Turn

Our Impact

Students are advancing equity in education systems in cities across the country. Many young people are stepping into their political agency for the first time, channeling their experiences of injustice in schools into leadership that drives change.

Hover to read how Our Turn’s youth leaders have continued to deliver systems change on a national and local level over the past two years:

Our Turn was on the front lines advocating for the effective implementation of American Rescue Plan funds. In an unprecedented step, the federal DOE required student input from all 50 states for ESSERII funds, totaling $54.3B - a major milestone in bringing "Nothing About Us, Without Us" to life.
Our Student Agenda

To learn more about Our Turn’s framework to progress equity in education, see the Our Turn Student Agenda for Educational Justice.

Our Student Agenda

2021 Annual Impact Report

In 2021 we fearlessly, shamelessly, and boldly stood up and fought for what is right: education justice. We launched a national campaign to have our youth-authored Student Agenda recognized by the Department of Education, resulting in student engagement that would ultimately influence hundreds of millions of dollars in funds from the American Rescue Plan.

The LA Student Standard: A Collective Resistance

Schools are no exception to the long-standing impact of institutional racism in our country. White supremacy is in our textbooks, discipline practices, funding formulas, lower expectations, etc. Now is the time for LA Unified to lead the way in creating equitable and just school systems.

Push for More Equity in Minneapolis Schools

We’re elevating the voices of Minneapolis public school students to drive district-wide recommendations that combat inequities.

COVID-19 Student Impact Report

We conducted a survey of young people in April 2020 to understand how COVID-19 is impacting them and their educational experiences.