Students are advancing equity in education systems in cities across the country. Many young people are stepping into their political agency for the first time, channeling their experiences of injustice in schools into leadership that drives change.

New Generation of Civic Leaders

Our Turn is developing a new generation of civic leaders who are passionate about educational equity. They utilize media, conferences, meetings with elected officials, protest marches and other avenues to spread the word about their organizing work and campaigns. Their relentless pursuit of educational equity and social justice has ignited major changes in the school districts and policies, resulting in elected officials realizing the power of young people and taking student voices more seriously in future decision-making.

“My hometown has one of the lowest graduation rates, highest crime rates, and highest rates of poverty ; but it is my home. I refuse to wait around for someone else to take action.”

Desiree Martinez, Our Turn

Education Equity Movement

Our Turn sparks fierce truth tellers willing to take risks to improve public education. Students have had transformational experiences organizing with Our Turn, especially those who have been silenced because of the color of their skin, the language they speak at home, or what neighborhood they reside. They’re empowered to create change around other pressing issues impacting their respective communities.

We recognize the broader impact our work can have in communities by creating a new generation of diverse civic leaders. Elevating the power of more young people and partnering with youth organizations unleashes a powerful force for systemic change in education and beyond.


Over the past decade, our members worked toward the following accomplishments:

Charlotte, NC- Organized to improve policies in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools so that the Credit Recovery Program supports students, but holds high expectations and enables students to be prepared for college and career success.

Los Angeles, CA - Mobilized in Los Angeles to make school performance data available for parents and stakeholders, creating greater transparency in school choice.

Our Turn for ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟ ͟

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It’s our turn to unite, build, and bridge for the next generation

Alan Antonio

It's our turn for being taken seriously

Katie Beckmann

It's our turn for change

Salena Gebreyeseus

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