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Annual Impact Report

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FY21 By the Numbers

Students are the knowledge keepers and have the solutions for creating the best possible education environments that will allow them to realize their full potential. For education to truly be a pathway upward and outward for disenfranchised youth, we have to confront and repair the issues that have delivered us to this place of widespread injustice. We must not settle for bridging the achievement gap. The opportunity gap has to be narrowed. Justice is the only way.

Our 2021 Impact

“Our students are struggling! As a first generation student myself, there are very little resources there for us to navigate these systems of higher learning. It's hard enough not to be able to turn to our families for assistance, but when we really are left to figure out everything on our own, and on top of navigating institutional barriers that are rooted in systemic racism and oppression, the experience of being a student is no longer enjoyable.”
Andrea Macias

“For far too long, our education system has been designed with policies and practices that clearly work to favor only one type of privileged student. Elevating our Student Agenda can begin to correct for the centuries of past injustices toward marginalized communities and help to redesign an education system that works for every student, regardless of their identity or background. Secretary Cardona, we need you to join us in our fight for student-led educational equity!”
Matt Grady

What's New in 2022
  • Learn From History
    Our Turn recently joined the Learn From History coalition as an inaugural partner. Learn From History is a broad-based bipartisan gathering of organizations, school system leaders, educators, parents, and youth that share a critical belief: for students to create a better society, schools need to provide a thorough, accurate, and fact-based history education and teach students to reject racism and respect the equal value of every person.
  • Post-Graduate Pathways
    In Denver, Atlanta, and Tennessee, we are leading projects to surface youth experiences and demands to support their post-secondary success. We will elevate those insights through messaging campaigns, building public support for youth-designed solutions, and growing coalitions of grassroots+grasstops leaders.
  • Remote Organizing
    In 2022, Our Turn will create on-demand training content and organizing opportunities that provide youth a playbook for joining the education justice movement and mobilizing their communities. This model will help Our Turn broaden its impact by supporting community development and training while advancing national messaging through youth advocacy and action.
  • See What We Accomplished in 2021

“We are only doing an injustice to our country if we continue pushing out Eurocentric and white curriculum-based learning. In order to heal our great divide, we need our local school board, state board, and Department of Education’s leadership in reconciling with the true history of the U.S.”
Alan Antonio, Our Turn Los Angeles

“Student leaders all across the country need your support in helping radicalize our educational system to a system that works for all of us. From BIPOC, to LGBTQ+, to non-native English speakers, to the economically disadvantaged, every student deserves and needs the right to a quality and equitable education.”
James Rhee