As students and young people, we are filled with righteous anger and passion over the continued attacks on truth in our classrooms. We know that education that tells the truth about the legacy of racism in this country will lead toward a more just future — a future that we will be leading. We expect to have a say in what we are taught, and believe that the truth should be the basis for our curricula.

North Carolina student Jaylen Adams furthers this— “We are allowed to feel angry and upset. Learning is not linear. It can be messy and uncomfortable. But those lessons are the most important to learn in order to create well-rounded, informed citizens.”

Alongside our students in classrooms resisting colonized curriculum, we pledge to fight for education that tells the truth. Will you join us?

As a student fighting for truth in the education system:
  • I pledge to be a challenger and advocate for culturally inclusive pedagogy on all fronts. I will be a proponent and work with my teachers and administrators to create programs that serve all students in classrooms.
  • I pledge to interrogate all of our systems in order to decolonize education, using a critical eye when observing the information and systems in front of me.
  • I pledge to attend at least one TruthEd training and share it with a friend or on social media.

If you are not a student, but an ally joining us in this fight, here’s how you can pledge with us:

As an ally for student led education justice:
  • I pledge to ensure that student voices are part of my local conversation around truth in education & amplify student voices on social media.
  • I pledge to be a challenger and advocate for culturally inclusive pedagogy on all fronts.

With your pledge, Our Turn is committed to fighting for the education that students deserve and that is under attack. We thank you for your solidarity, passion, and power as we seek Truth(Ed).

Yours in resistance,
Our Turn

Our Student Agenda

Learn more about Our Turn's framework to progress equity in education — including Truth(Ed), an initiative to ensure students are centered in the fight for truth in the classroom — see the Our Turn Student Agenda for Educational Justice & the Truth(Ed) pledge.

Our Student Agenda
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