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This summer, we are reimagining
& reigniting what we do.
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This summer, we are reimagining & reigniting what we do. Will you join us?

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“My hope for LA schools is that they will one day be a place where any student; no matter their background or zip code, will be able to go to receive a quality education.”

Alan A.

“Being a student was really hard. It felt like we didn’t have opportunities and resources. The opportunities that we did get felt very limited and we had to fight for them.”

T’Nia R.


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Whether you're a seasoned activist or just starting to develop leadership skills, find out which leadership development opportunities work for you.

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Our Agenda

We are a coalition of students and activists. We are not raising our hands for permission, we’re raising our hands to demand change.

Want to know what drives us? Our belief that achieving equity in education can’t wait.

The solutions we employ are as diverse and audacious as our members. We galvanize bold truth-tellers, shift power by creating proximity to young people for system leaders, and identify actionable solutions for one of the greatest issues of our time.

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If you work to advance student equity and engagement, we want to work with you.

We engage with like-minded nonprofits and school systems to ensure that student involvement isn’t superficial, it’s transformational. Find out how our youth consultancy, collaborations and philanthropic partnerships can lead to sustained and deeper impact for your organization.

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Our Stories

The Our Turn Blog features perspectives and stories about the fight for educational equity from the voices of students and more.

Students Can Lead the Way

By Our Turn

This blog was written by a student who wished to remain unnamed, but completed the 2024 Rising Changemakers Program.

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Our Turn Reimagined, Reignited

By Kevin Ervin

As we reimagine & reignite Our Turn, we have the opportunity to invest in this work & in students like never before - donate today & help us close the gap!

During my first few months here,... More →

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