Our Turn's response to Andrew Hanen’s DACA Ruling in Texas

By Our Turn Members

In response to  Federal Judge, Andrew Hanen’s, ruling in Texas,  on Friday, July 16, deeming DACA -  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals unlawful, Our Turn members released the following statement…


“This ruling inhibits any future applications and creates legal limbo for over thousands of students. The right to receive a fair and equitable education is at the heart of the American Dream.  Providing an education for all benefits us all. We stand with the hundreds of thousands of DREAMERS who have had to continuously fight for a chance at an education. The recent ruling against DACA by Judge Andrew Hanen throws the lives of the DREAMERS into chaos and disarray. Furthermore, it deprives us of the benefits that the DREAMERS would bring to our society through education, workforce development, and economic growth.


At Our Turn, our students pledge to continue to advocate and organize for education equity. In fact, a coalition of Our Turn student-activists in North Carolina are advocating for tuition equity. In North Carolina alone, 60% of jobs require a post secondary education degree. North Carolina has a goal of 2.3 million young professionals attaining a postsecondary education degree. Currently, North Carolina is at 1.3 million, and polices like Tuition Equity and DACA can help to achieve this goal. The broader implications of this extends beyond education as these future graduates will go on to fill important jobs, expand the tax base, and improve our economy.  This is true not just in North Carolina but for the entire country. 


Our Turn believes that education is the key component to creating a better future for students, our country, and future generations.  Juan Gonzalez, an Our Turn North Carolina member,  wrote, “NC Can’t Afford To Waste Our Potential,” which gives a firsthand account of the uncertainty that DREAMERS face and the potential that they can create.  While we are disappointed with the ruling by Judge Hanen, we will continue to fight for education for all persons here in this country.”


In Solidarity,

Our Turn