Youth Consultancy

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Partner with Our Turn Consulting Fellows for training and insights that help you advance student equity.

Seeking to raise student engagement, improve your equity policies, deepen understanding of youth experiences, or develop your organizational leadership?

Our Consulting Fellows work directly with school districts, networks and boards to provide focused insights for improving student equity.


This 90-minute training covers Our Turn’s best practices for supporting and engaging marginalized youth—particularly young people of color, LGBTQIA+ youth, and disabled youth.

We’ve trained a team of our Youth Fellows to lead this training, each giving their own perspective as a marginalized young person themselves. Join us online on the first Monday each month for free, or plan a customized session for your staff, faculty, or students.

Offered free online on the first Monday each month, or plan a custom training for $550.*

This six-week program takes your leadership through a detailed and actionable plan to improve outcomes for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled youth.

Form a cohort of board members, or of student leaders—or better yet, a cohort with both that creates cross-generational learning. Dig deep into the issues, and then finish your time with a capstone project to turn theory into practice.

Schedule trainings for your group at whatever pace fits you best for $2,500.*

  • Student Equity 201: Disciplinary Bias toward Youth of Color
    Topics: student discipline, restorative justice models, and implicit bias training
  • Student Equity 202: Academic Thriving for Youth of Color
    Topics: inclusive curriculum, academic rigor, representative leadership
  • Student Equity 301: Creating Safety for LGBTQIA+ Youth
    Topics: transgender students, student groups, bathrooms and facilities
  • Student Equity 302: The Ongoing LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Crisis
    Topics: youth suicidality, school resources, crisis intervention
  • Student Equity 401: Accessible Classrooms for All Learners
    Topics: disability, designing accessible physical and mental spaces, neurodivergent student needs
  • Student Equity Capstone: Designing an Actionable Plan

This revolutionary service creates a partnership between you and your students to co-design policies and practices that directly impact their education.

Over the course of twelve weeks, we’ll facilitate every step of the process, from student engagement to faculty training and implementation. And we’ll do it with our students at the front, directly engaging with yours.

Set up a meeting with our consulting manager to discuss pricing.*

  • Initial Assessment (Week 1): We'll meet with school district leaders to understand their current policies and practices, as well as their goals for creating a more inclusive and equitable school environment. And, most importantly, we'll be listening to the students themselves.
  • Student Input Gathering (Weeks 2-4): We'll work with school leaders to create opportunities for student input through focus groups, surveys, or town hall meetings, giving students the chance to have their perspectives heard and uplifted. Our team will particularly target youth on the margins, including BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled students. We know that young people are experts on their own experience, and their perspective is crucial for improving the student experience.
  • Data Analysis (Weeks 5-6): We'll analyze the feedback received from students and use it to identify common themes and areas of concern, in order to empower and inform the development of new policies or the revision of existing ones.
  • Policy Development (Weeks 7-8): We'll work with school district leaders to develop a new policy, aligned with the district's overall goals for creating a more inclusive and equitable school environment, and most importantly, with the student's perspectives and needs.
  • Implementation Support (Weeks 9-12): Once the policy is developed, our team will ensure proper implementation by providing training to staff and faculty, creating resources for parents and families, and providing ongoing support for lasting student leadership in your district.

*Scholarships are available to make all services accessible. Contact our consulting manager for more information.

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“School board members often say they want to prioritize student voice, but it rarely happens in authentic and transformative ways. Partnering with Our Turn has allowed our School Board Fellows to dialogue with students in a safe and provocative setting that pushes elected officials outside their comfort zone. The Our Turn team is smart, fierce and committed to change—a powerful combination.”

Carrie Douglass
Co-CEO & Co-founder, School Board Partners

Consulting Fellows

Meet a few of our Consulting Fellows.

My school’s investment in me helped me find my voice. Now I want to give back to our schools.

Boluwasefe Adelugba (she/her)

I’ve been affected by the shortcomings of education systems and want to bring a change.

Rayne Crenshaw (she/her, he/him)

Our Turn showed me my perspective matters. I want to show others theirs does as well.

Taylor Cruz (she/her)

Behind the Team

David Ulrich

Manager, Youth Partnerships & Engagement

I’ve provided consulting and education to clients across the Midwest, including the U.S. National Guard, various hospitals and mental-health practices, schools at every level, and large conferences, all focused on equity for marginalized groups. I support our Consulting Fellows to build subject-matter and public-speaking expertise, so that they can deliver content directly to the leaders who need to hear it.

Let’s set up a meeting and I’ll share more about our great work.

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