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Buzzfeed: Minneapolis Public Schools Voted To End Its Contract With The City’s Police After The Death Of George Floyd

By Our Turn

The board of Minneapolis Public Schools voted unanimously Tuesday to end the district’s $1.1 million contract with the Minneapolis Police Department after the death of George Floyd, saying the actions of city police officers “run directly counter to the values” of the school district.

It is among the earliest and most tangible victories so far for activists protesting Floyd’s killing, who have demanded that police departments be reformed, defunded, or abolished in order to stem police violence. Few, if any, school districts have ever taken such a dramatic step over the issue.

“To see George Floyd on the pavement, already restrained, that was something that was undeniable,” said Kenneth Eban, an organizer with the group Our Turn. “But in a way, that was sad and unfortunate, because students have been saying this for years. It feels unconscionable, that you couldn’t just listen to the people who were most deeply impacted by what’s happening.”



Originally Published in Buzzfeed News

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