Increasing college access

Only 27 percent of Los Angeles Unified School District graduates enroll in a four-year university after high school, even though on average 71 percent of the nearly 600,000 students have said they want to earn at least a bachelor’s degree. That enrollment rate is 43 percent less than the national average. Without adequate college preparation in high school, students are unprepared or ineligible to thrive in a university environment.

While more students are graduating from high school than ever before, 1 in 5 enrolled in a four-year university post-graduation will leave, according to the Department of Education. First generation college students are particularly affected, with one-third withdrawing from college within three years after enrolling. When more high-school students have the tools for success they need, they will be able to realize their education goals and advance professionally.

Our Turn believes that changing the current policy that allows students to fulfill graduation requirements with a “D” grade average is part of the problem. Raising graduation requirements in California will have a direct effect on learning outcomes and help ensure all students are prepared for college. You can help us get the word out about closing this equity gap.

Your Voice Matters:
Sign the Petition to Increase Graduation Requirements

Signing this online petition will support the grassroots movement to align high school graduation requirements with college entry requirements in California and create a model for education requirements for other states to follow.


“By increasing the graduation requirements, all students will have a chance at attending a four-year university immediately after graduation. The Los Angeles Unified School District needs to stop sugarcoating the high graduation rate and focus on the low four-year university enrollment rate.”
Diego O., Our Turn California Member

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