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Join us in demanding Equitable Student Discipline in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) district, which serves over 147,000 students across Charlotte, NC, has an opportunity to drastically improve its disciplinary practices by involving those most affected - the students themselves. We believe that a student-centered discipline audit is necessary to ensure fair and effective discipline within our schools.

This audit should not only analyze current practices but also include direct input from students who experience these policies first-hand. By incorporating their perspectives and experiences into the decision-making process, we can create a more equitable and just school environment for all CMS students. What are the social and emotional impacts of these policies? How can we go beyond the statistics to understand the students' lived experiences?

It's time for our school board to listen directly to its students’ voices on matters that directly impact them. We need as many voices as possible urging the CMS School Board to execute a student discipline audit that includes direct input from students.

By signing on, you are publicly stating your support for student input in the equity discipline audit in CMS and agree to receive campaign updates from Our Turn. We know that together, a more equitable CMS is possible.

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