Truth(Ed) Action Toolkit

    Over the last year, students across the country have seen and heard calls for conversations about race to be removed from their classrooms, for books that tell the truth about race and racism to be banned, and for policies to pass that put LGBTQ+ students in harm's way. And as pundits go back and forth on whether “CRT” should be in schools, students are being left out of the conversation every time — we’re so glad you’re here, and we need you in this fight.

    We know that it doesn’t stop at banning conversations about race in classrooms — we see a rise in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation harming queer and trans youth, increased policing in schools, and other harmful policies that are all rooted in white supremacy.

    This toolkit is not a prescription for what you must do, but rather a set of tools to support you in achieving your demands and the change you want to see in your local community. We won’t let our voices go silent, and we know that when we organize, we win. Join us.

    We organize because people power is they key to creating a just world — and the power of young people, in particular, is needed to create that change in education and in today's most pressing issues. Through the resources below, you can tarrget those in power in your community to those who control the curriculum for millions of students. Let's get started. For any questions, email Judy at [email protected].

  • Target People in Power: People in Power Pledge & Organizing Guide
  • Target Curriculum Companies: Curriculum Scorecard Organizing Guide

    We know that stories connect us to the work, fuel movements, and allow those in power to understand how their decisions impact our lives. Young people’s stories are critical and we’ve created a guide to support you in sharing your story. We’re excited to have your voices front and center in this fight.

  • Tell Your Story: View our Storytelling Guide
About Truth(Ed)
Education in our country is at a critical and urgent moment. Student voices must be front and center in fight for honest education and policy that shares the truth of our country and represents and supports students of all races and gender identities.
And they are — from Texas to California to Georgia and everywhere in between, students are speaking up. Join us as we fight for Truth(Ed) — education that represents us and prepares us for a future we will be leading.

We are a coalition of students and activists.

We are not raising our hands for permission,
We’re raising our hands to demand change.

We are raising the issue of unjust power dynamics
to hold decision makers accountable.

We are raising the standards of our schools
to end oppressive education policies.

We are raising the voices of students like us
who speak truth to power and are leading the charge.

It’s time each of us receive the education we deserve.

Are you a social justice organization or adult ally that is interested in elevating youth voices, building coalition, and advancing our common goal of racial equity in schools? Contact Judy Robbins at [email protected] to learn how you can partner with us.