Our Turn Releases Statement on the Insurrection that Overtook the United States Capitol

By Our Turn

Our Turn Releases Statement on the Insurrection Led by Domestic Terrorists

New York, N.Y. (Jan. 7, 2021)— Our Turn released the following statement in response to the domestic terror event that overtook the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“Our Turn condemns the violent assault on our democracy as domestic terrorists led an attack on the Capitol on Wednesday, January 6th.  We reject language referring to this attack on our homeland security as a protest.  We are calling this act of force by its true name, an insurrection of American defectors.  We would also like to highlight the stark contrast between the treatment of peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in 2020 versus law enforcement’s passive response to a predominantly white mob of violent insurrectors yesterday.  Furthermore, we stand in solidarity with social change organizations, elected officials and industry leaders calling for the public rebuke of President Trump’s incitement of rhetoric that has caused this nation to become dangerously divided.

As youth activists, our commitment towards social change remains steadfast in the wake of bad actors who advanced to disrupt the ideals of democracy and destabilize national security.  We will not relent in our pursuit of racial justice as we continue to dismantle systems that have historically spurred the racially unjust consciousness that has formed our society. This said, we celebrate the victory of grassroots efforts that have galvanized youth and BIPOC voters to deliver a historical turnout during the presidential election and senate runoff in Georgia.  Youth are the leaders of tomorrow and we have already begun to declare our role in shaping this nation.  Therefore, Our Turn’s work in education matters as education is the first step in preparing a radical shift in the way we see ourselves in relation to each other. We will continue to fight for an educational system that builds a civil society of critical thinkers who respect diversity and inclusion.” 

Our Turn CEO, Mohan Sivaloganathan said, “From my view, the notion that the Presidency or this country is owned by a select group of people - domestic terrorists, in this case - is false and stands in defiance to our spirit of equity and organizing. We hold ourselves accountable to the tenets of peaceful agitation, on the shoulders of civil rights leaders who came before us, and what we saw in D.C. was the polar opposite. The voters have spoken, including a record turnout by young people. The continued work of democracy is not to revisit this election, but to mobilize people to fulfill the promise of social justice - nationally and locally.”  

About Our Turn:

Our Turn, a 501(c)(3), elevates the voices of young people in the fight for educational equity. Our Turn Action Network, a 501(c)(4), deploys policy advocacy efforts for the achievement of educational justice. 


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