The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated deep inequities for tens of thousands of Denver families, and many are struggling to support their children with remote learning. Now we fear for our children's future should the Board move to adopt the state's system of accountability at this uncertain time.

Students in Crisis

The Denver Public School System has been engaging in conversations about its accountability system (the SPF) for the last year. Our Turn has been been working in conjunction with partners on this issue during that time, and these efforts have included training students, sharing our views with the board, and monitoring and engaging with the committee that the district put together to evaluate and replace the system. Despite the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has created unstable and unfair learning environments for vulnerable students, The district is still continuing conversations at this time, while the parents and students who have been following the work are calling on the district to pause it.

Stand Parents and Our Turn students have put together a letter to DPS, which was signed by a broad coalition of organizations. We sent both to the board and superintendent on April 21st.

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“We need to pause the committee from taking further action during this crisis so we can help give families and students the time they need to process the difficulties they are facing, before we go ahead and introduce more changes to the systems they are currently adjusting to.”

Itchel Cardenas, Our Turn Student Organizer

Parents Call On DPS

We want to continue to transform a tool that prioritizes equity, gives understandable and transparent information to families, and serves as a way to identify needed resources for schools, but this isn't the time. We urge the Denver Board of Education to pause. We can reimagine the SPF when we aren't in crisis as a community.