Truth(Ed) Student Summit

April 23, 2022 at 12:00pm - 5pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)




Judy Robbins ·

The Truth(ed) campaign centers student voices around the need for honest curricula that represent students of color and other marginalized identities — it demands that our leaders put truth in the center of our classrooms in order to give us the best education possible. 

Across the country during and after the 2021 election cycle, we have seen misinformation and harmful rhetoric spread about conversations about race in the classroom. On the national landscape, we are hearing that these elections have been about education, and yet they are actually about removing information from our classrooms. This campaign serves to shift the narrative around our curriculum and make it clear to those in power that students are calling for truth in our education.


Join us for our Truth(Ed) Student Summit where you will get:

  • To connect with students from across the country standing up for culturally inclusive pedagogy.
  • Hands on training to develop the second leg of the Truth(Ed) campaign in partnership with other students.
  • Inspiration, empowerment, & tools for making change in your community.
  • Organizing skills that are both grassroots and for the digital age.


Gift cards for lunch will be provided!