Unveiling the Power
of Student Engagement
in School Budgeting

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Are your state and local districts creating lasting change through the budgeting process?

Our Turn presents an eye-opening report that explores a critical gap in school budgeting: meaningful student participation. The past two years represented a unique opportunity for transformation using pandemic-era funding. But, many districts relied on traditional methods for student feedback, missing out on valuable insights.

With student-focused programs on the line, what can be done to ensure their voices are heard? How can we make equitable, student-centered funding a reality?

Our research sheds light on the current state of student involvement in school budgeting decisions and offers a roadmap for improvement.

“In my district, we are watching extra roles added during the pandemic get slashed due to budget cuts despite the fact that students are consistently bringing up the teacher shortage as one of their top priorities.”

Annie Eilers, Our Turn Organizing Fellow

“As a student who lived through the pandemic and experienced the struggles that came with it, I would know my needs better than an administrator looking from the outside in. To best serve their students, it is crucial for school districts to engage youth when budgeting for pandemic recovery programs directly.”

Rayne Crenshaw, Our Turn Student Fellow

What you’ll learn about:

  • The challenges preventing student participation in school budgeting – and their impacts on student success.
  • A practical rubric to help districts enhance student engagement in financial decision-making.
  • Inspiring case studies showcasing successful student-led initiatives.
  • Actionable steps to transition students from passive observers to active co-pilots in shaping their educational experience.

Feeling inspired?

  • District leaders apply for our Community of Practice where you will gain hands-on support to implement student-centered budgeting practices.
  • Advocates and philanthropists, contact us to explore how our Youth Consultancy can help you to shape equitable funding strategies.
  • Allies, reach out if your community would benefit from a student-led briefing presentation on the report.
  • Students, add your name to the Student Agenda and keep an eye on our Get Involved page for fellowship and organizing opportunities