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Demand Tuition Equity
in North Carolina

Thousands of students in North Carolina every year cannot continue their education. When undocumented students with residency in North Carolina are forced to pay out-of-state tuition for state colleges and universities, higher education becomes unattainable for many.

Out-of-state tuition for North Carolina state colleges and universities is four times higher than in-state tuition. Thousands of hardworking students every year are not granted in-state tuition if they are undocumented. Although they have grown up in North Carolina, have attended North Carolina high schools and want to pursue their dreams of higher education within the state and contribute to the local economy, are not afforded the same opportunities as their documented peers. Our Turn has partnered with several other organizations in the One State, One Rate campaign in the fight for tuition equity, which would give in state tuition to undocumented North Carolinians.

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Sign the Petition For Tuition Equity in North Carolina

Tell the NC Legislature to pass a bill to guarantee tuition equity for North Carolina students regardless of their citizenship and immigration status, stating that in-state college tuition should be the same for ALL North Carolina students.


“I'm fighting for tuition equity because I have been personally affected and I don't want to keep seeing other students full of intelligence and potential struggle to attend college. Education is a right! Tuition equity is the key to creating access for all students because someone's immigration status shouldn't determine their whole future.”

Naomi Duran, Sophomore Queens University, DACA, Golden Door Recipient, Our Turn member

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