Building Our Coalition

Our Turn’s growing coalition has an unyielding passion for educational equity. The solutions we employ are as diverse and audacious as our members. We galvanize bold truth-tellers, create proximity to young people and identify actionable solutions for one of the greatest issues of our time.

We believe that achieving equity in education can’t wait. Join our community and let’s turn our urgency into action.

"Our team of students is making history this summer in our district. A group of college students has never stood up for positive change in our schools before us."
Ana C.

“When I was four years old, I had big dreams to be President of the United States... I fight for all the students who have big dreams, too.”
Maya L.

Student Membership

Our Turn members are largely students of color coming from low-income backgrounds who have overcome numerous challenges in their quest for a high-quality education. We provide a platform for them to have voice and agency. Lasting change happens when they are provided with the skills, tools, and platforms to make real change happen. Our Turn also creates an active community with other young people who share similar experiences, giving them power of the collective when they come together in the fight for educational equity.

Each of our members has a unique form of power, and together, they form a collective voice. This voice is undeniable and shows elected officials that young people cannot be ignored. As our campaign wins increase, and the public gains a greater awareness of the experiences of young people, it is OUR TURN to create an environment that can generate real, lasting change.

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Partnership Opportunities

Our Turn’s organizational partners are allies in unleashing the powerful potential of the next generation of student leaders. We’re creating a new table for transforming education, with partners ranging from teacher groups to community organizations to elected officials. Ready to get involved in the fight for educational justice?

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Building Broad Coalitions

The generational problem of educational inequity won’t be solved alone. We strive to partner with a diverse array of organizations and people, from teachers to community leaders to elected officials and administrators. We know that education is not in a silo and partnerships expand our impact on social justice issues including: immigration reform, mental health, economics, and police relations, and more. We’re honored to sit at the intersection of youth-driven movements, both as a leader and supporter of history-making efforts for social justice.

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Action Network Fellowships

Our Turn’s Action Network runs electoral and messaging campaigns that inspire more champions for educational equity. Our centerpiece Fellowship program is nationally recognized for our results in the field. It’s a pipeline for future community and political leadership. Fellows advance their organizing capabilities, connect with a network of like-minded young leaders, and elevate messages that fundamentally change the conversation around education and justice.

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