Across the country, we elevate the perspectives and demands of young people to rewrite the rules for public education.

Current issues

The LA Student Standard: A Collective Resistance

Schools are no exception to the long-standing impact of institutional racism in our country. White supremacy is in our textbooks, discipline practices, funding formulas, lower expectations, etc. Now is the time for LA Unified to lead the way in creating equitable and just school systems.

Tell City Council to Defund the Police Department

We are demanding that the Minneapolis City Council defund Minneapolis Police Department and invest those dollars to create safe and inclusive schools for Black and Brown students.

Push for More Equity in Minneapolis Schools

We’re elevating the voices of Minneapolis public school students to drive district-wide recommendations that combat inequities.

Demand Tuition Equity in North Carolina

Tell the NC Legislature that in-state college tuition should be the same for ALL North Carolina students, regardless of their citizenship and immigration status.

Demand Change in Colorado Public Schools

For too long, adult leaders have made decisions about our schools, our experiences, and our needs. But now, students are setting the agenda for the future of Colorado Public Schools. Support the Colorado Student Agenda by signing the petition and demanding leaders and elected officials take action.

It's Our Turn for Effective Educators

We demand Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) give students a voice in teacher evaluations and create a change and improvement to the evaluations of teachers.

COVID-19 Student Impact Report

We conducted a survey of young people in April 2020 to understand how COVID-19 is impacting them and their educational experiences.

Increasing College Access in Los Angeles

LAUSD’s current policy allowing students to fulfill graduation requirements with a “D” grade average is leaving students behind, unprepared for higher education.

Past issues

Pause DPS Accountability System Conversations

We need to pause the committee from taking further action during this crisis so we can give families and students the time they need to process the difficulties they are facing.

North Carolina Credit Recovery

We are fighting to increase transparency around credit recovery programs, and institute a GPA requirement in North Carolina high schools.

MPS Police in Schools

We demanded the Minneapolis Public School Board re-open their contract with the local police department to ensure K-12 students are #ProtectedNotSuspected.

Minnesota Project Equity Report

Our Turn Minnesota undertook a massive survey of current and former students, and then published the results, which formed the basis for Our Turn's current Project Equity Campaign.

Denver Board of Education Superintendent Candidate

In 2018, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education planned to appoint a new superintendent. We demanded that the board take Our Turn recommendations into consideration.