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Denver Board of Education Superintendent Candidate

In 2018, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education planned to appoint a new superintendent. We demanded that the board take into consideration these points when interviewing candidates and hiring a new superintendent:

Our Demands

  • Person of color and/or a Spanish speaking individual

  • Strong preference for candidates who have worked in a student-facing role in a public or public charter school

Focus and Beliefs

The new superintendenmust:

  • Affirm and protect the identities and experiences of all students, and set that as a nonnegotiable culture for all district employees

  • Commit to supporting and treating teachers as professionals by investing in their continued growth and performance

  • Commit to doing an audit of mental health and whole child supports in our schools

  • Ensure ALL students have true access to high quality schools for
    college or career preparation and support on their social and emotional needs, with staff and administrators that believe in the ability of every child to achieve a a high level

  • Commit to working with local entities to adequately and equitably fund all Denver Public Schools.  

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