Atlanta Monthly Student Call


The biggest takeaway is that you get to choose!

Complete this quick form with your monthly recommendations for the Student Centered Call to see your dreams come to life and prepare to begin joining us in November 2022!


This closed space is dedicated to creating a container for students to relax from their responsibilities and instead tune in to their needs.


Only students are allowed and registration is required in advance.


We believe that whole-person approaches to organizing are critical for success in building a youth-led movement for education justice that is equitable, inclusive and sustainable. 


This monthly student-centered meeting is a place to learn more about Our Turn, but also for Our Turn to learn more about you!


Some things that may take place here include:

  • Live Streaming/Group Viewing Sessions: Hulu who?!
  • Game Days: bring your team spirit!
  • Roundtable Conversations: you pick the topics
  • Wellness Days: Yoga, Journaling, or Crafts
  • Free Choice: Multiple breakout sessions with different topics
  • Requested Leadership Development Trainings